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POSITIVE ENERGY - I am a massive believer in throwing positive energy out into the universe, as I believe it comes straight back to you. The people and the things you surround yourself with really do have an enormous effect on how you feel and perform on a daily basis - I know that the more positive I feel the more energy I have to take on my day. I’m really excited to be teaming up with @purdeysoffical to help you and the people around you explore how positive you are being on social media. Go to to take the Purdey’s Positivity Check Up and to see tips on positivity and natural energy from myself and @lucysheridan. Remember - Always give out what you want to get back. #PurdeysPositivity #NaturalEnergy

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[AD] Positive vibes = a positive life <3 I’ve been aware of the link between my own energy levels and a positive outlook for a while. If I am in an alert, energised state then my mood is up and things just seem to flow better whether that’s what I post on social media or getting through my to do list. And it works the other way too. If I’m feeling positive then I feel like I have the energy to go get life whether that’s scaling my laundry mountain, working out or heading to a speaking gig. I am all about that pep up babes and I am soooo excited to share I am partnering with @purdeysofficial, the natural energy drink, to launch their Positivity Check Up - a fun innovation that helps you get a measure of how high vibe you are on social media and gives tips on how to give yourself a boost too. Check it out here and you'll find a hub with positivity tips from myself and @harryjamesonpt for a happier, healthier online life. Love Lucy x #PurdeysPositivity #NaturalEnergy

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